5 Easy Steps To Living a Thankful Life

I love and enjoy reading for various reasons which I may not tell you today. I do feel more happy when I read about positive things that I feel are going to change my life to somewhere better than it was. so, as I was reading this nice piece of article by RACHEL KIRAGU, you can find her at
( https://rachaelkiragu.wordpress.com ), I really liked it and I also decided that it’s the post I will share with you today so that you can as well learn something new today. I give credits to her.

RACHEL KIRAGU is a radio show host,
A writer,
And a mom.

Rae Kiragu's World

It’s the new year and as I solemnly vowed to not do a ‘new year resolutions list’, I have instead taken it upon myself to actively seek out what it takes to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

When I set out on a personal journey last year, I found that at the core of my being, was a deep lack fulfillment that I’m sure a lot of us have.

It’s the feeling that your life either hasn’t progressed or that it is progressing much too slowly for your liking.

So I made it my goal to seek for fulfillment and found that one way is by training your mind to be thankful.

I read a Joyce Meyer article online and it was her very interesting take on the Israelites and how they wandered through the desert.

Now lest my assuming we all know the bible by heart is wrong…

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