Patience and Goals.

Well, to me, I may say that these two words inter-marry. Such that, when you set a goal, you don’t just wake up one morning and find it done, the nature of the goal, whether short term or long term, will introduce the virtue of patience. There are always other minor goals you have to set within which complement the main goal. In this small goals, you have to be patience to go through them.

Anyway, let’s begin by understanding these two terms first. In a laywoman’s language, a goal can be said to be the reason you are doing something, like, I am writing this article so that you may read it to help you in one way or another. That is my purpose, it is my goal. A goal must always begin before the actual journey. See, when you want to go to the United States from my country Kenya, going to the states is the main purpose here but there are other minor goals you have to achieve like making sure you have enough money to cater for everything you will do, look for a visa and a passport, book a place that will host you when you reach the States among other things. Once you have achieved all this goals, you will realize that the main purpose will be very easy for you to achieve.

When it comes to goals, you have to know that a goal is an abstract destiny but not an illusion, meaning, we cannot see or touch the goal but we believe that there is something we are geared towards achieving and we only prove it when action is included.

On the other hand, patience is the ability to have faith, hopes and endurance in your activities and the purposes you wish to achieve. That ability of being able to wait for the right time for something you have a purpose for to happen is patience.

Now, why I decided to fuse patient and goals is because they go in handy. There is no way you can be patient without a goal, the same way you cannot achieve something good if you were not patient during the process. One element doesn’t do perfectly without the other. So, first, you have to have to set a goal then, walk your way through the goal.

In order to understand the workings of this perfectly, I am going to break it down into three sub-divisions.

Division [I]


I believe that everyone is always a product of their own belief and it is the belief that determines the final response from you. Talking of attitude, I’m only referring to positive attitude here because we are geared towards achieving a positive goal. But, the factors that affect your attitude will determine whether you will be patient as well to maintain that positive attitude. Number one, let’s begin by yourself. You are the pilot and controller of what you want to achieve. You are the one who decides if you want to be serious or not, to be positive or not and if you want to continue achieving or not. Number two, your immediate surrounding might also take part in installing some attitude in you. How you view and interpret them contributes to shaping your attitude. Let’s say you and your friend are taking coffee at a restaurant in town, then a cool lady walks in and sit next to you alone and really feeling bored, man, this could be your golden opportunity of finding a lady but if you only keep doubting that your friend must also be eying her, wondering of things like what are the other people at the restaurant thinking of me? You are already creating a negative attitude for yourself and you will not talk to the lady afterwards and she will just leave without you saying a word to her. Number three, your larger environment. Here your locality and maybe even your country at large forms your larger environment.  Do not consider a lot both inductive and deductive reasoning because this do not always apply in all circumstances. Sometimes just try to be unique and be yourself. Have a positive attitude towards what you want to achieve. Do not borrow the concept of patience, have your own right version of patience.



Setting a practical goal is basically aiming for things you know are achievable to you over some time. Do not put up a goal that you even don’t have a ground to start on. The sky is always the limit as they say but, what is your version of the sky here? Some people’s version of the sky are just so absurd and is vividly seen as impossible. I have seen a lot of people mess around because they don’t set up practical goals for themselves. In a relationship goal, you hear a lady who is still not engaged defining her goals and you are like okay, wait, you are 21 years old, still living in your parents’ house which you don’t pay rent, you are still going to campus which you don’t pay school fees, your parents still send you pocket money every weekend for your survival including phone airtime and you say you want a man, still young as you are, handsome, driving some big car, owning a house, earning a specific range of salary, must be taking you out to some particular  restaurant!!!! Well, come on young girl, you even don’t know what it takes to have that life. Maybe ask your parents to tell you what it took them to reach where they are currently at. Now that is a true definition of a goal that is not practical. Imagine that now all this goals are turned for you, that at your young age, you need to have all those mentioned above to date a man!! What would you do? To achieve all this, this where the virtue of patient comes in. all this wealthy people we see never just woke up one day and found themselves rich unless you were born in some royal family where you have everything then this is possible.

Some goals are short term while others are long term goals. The short term goals are the ones that you can achieve over a short period of time and the long term ones are the ones that you have to work on for a number of years to achieve. You remember when you first joined campus, your goal is to finish school, get employed, own property and so on. But right now, you have not even finished school but you have hopes that one day you will achieve all this. That is the patience I am talking about. That ability to wait. That virtue is what I am asking you to always have in almost all your activities without rushing because they are practical to you, you have a chronological structure of achieving them which involves evaluating the past, assessing the present and looking forward to the future. And remember to be practical yourself by committing to those goals.



The simplest meaning of the word discipline is learning and following a certain order of things. When you follow any rules as they are intended to, we say that you are disciplined. It doesn’t matter who sets the rules, they can even be set by you to be followed by you personally. Then you shall have been disciplined. You know how following some rules becomes a task? If you can manage to follow them without braking any of them you can be said to be patient. (Though this is not the only measure of discipline and patience.) But, you all know that for you to achieve something positive, some discipline must have come handy with it. Therefore, discipline also comes in two categories. The first category is self-discipline. In our day to day lives we do come across many things, both good things and bad things. If you are able to say NO to those bad things around you and device a proper way of handling them, then you are self-disciplined. Other elements of self-discipline also include, taking initiative, self-acceptance and belief, the way you treat yourself, how you address people and hard work.

The second category is external discipline. This involves the respect you give to other people or just external things you come across your way. Once you have learned to treat yourself well, you should also learn to treat other people well too. This also comes into two forms. One, obedience. This involves submission to an authority as commissioned by the authority. Once you are obedient, respect follow you and even your seniors respect you (again, this is not the only way to measure obedience). If you are disobedient, there are rewards for that too, punishments. From there we can easily conclude that you must have been indiscipline. This hinders you from achieving your goals, you must have been impatience somewhere during the process.

Two, humility. This involves the true definition of being patient. When you want something, you always have bend low and be down to earth and just wish for the best. You become the most humble person on earth for you know that some good rewards are coming. Remember an instance when you want to propose to that one lady in your life you love, you go down on your one knee, just which could make her say that three letter word, yes. You have to show her that you are disciplined so that she can believe in you and count you a serious man.

I have always been living by the saying, ‘’patience pays.’’ The payment here is my goal getting achieved. Because I know my goals will be paid, am patient. That is the same thing that you have to do to your goals to achieve them as the end result. You need to work hard and at the same time apply time factor, do each action at the only stipulated time it is to be done. Do not jump some steps, because at one point in the process, you might need to go back to the previous procedure, what if it is not there because you jumped? That is when you say ‘’…I wish I knew…’’

Simon Ouma.



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