Early pregnancy and sex.


A few weeks ago, both the students in their eighth grade and twelfth grades (class eight and form four) did their exams and one thing that was noticed was that most of the girls were pregnant and some of them even gave birth in the exam room as the exams were going on. This caused many people talking about it and even providing solutions to why our society could be ‘rotten’ according to them but I think they are baseless if they don’t look deep into this matter.

But, my main issue is how they put all the blame on the boy-child as the cause of all this. Don’t you think there is always a mutual agreement between these parties before they have sex. they are not forced. So, if the Government have to punish people because of this issue, they have to be treated equally.

below is a video of me talking extensively about that issues and some of the think i think about it…



What do you think about that?