Hello there And welcome to the world of Kitvan, Oh! That is my alias, but my Mama called me Simon Peter Ouma. Any way just call me Simon Kitvan. Sounds better.

So, what is this site all about?

Apparently, I love sharing my opinions on anything that I feel is worth sharing with you. So expect not to see just a linear type of articles from one field alone but I make sure that I employ diversity.

Well they say that you can’t be completely an all round person but that’s who I’m trying to be, an all round person. Instead of the world accommodating me, I’m trying to accommodate it, if such a thing is possible.

So partying shot, this site is not about single topic, anything that comes on the table.

Why I love doing enlightening stories?

If I look back from where I came from I would not have been here today if I was not enlightened by the right people who showed me how life should be lived. At some point, life itself taught me life. Yes, how sweet is that! Hahaa.

So, I do believe that in this world world, some people just don’t know something because they have not taken their time to know about it. Sometimes they are just vulnerable to something and they don’t know the way up from it, enlightening them could help.

Finally, enlightenment uplifts others. How many times have you always wanted to talk to someone but they are not just there to talk to you? You might bump into my story and say that you are not alone.


Wow! Education is the key to success, they say, I don’t know who said this but I can confirm it was true. It is good to be educated and learned. It puts you somewhere in the the society, intellectually.

I am currently a 3rd year student at the University of Nairobi (UoN) Kenya. Taking Political Science and Public Administration. At some point, I studied Psychology and Linguistics and Language Communication. Well that’s me currently with education, I still hope to achieve more.

Personally, who do I think I am?

Well, I am an outgoing person, I can’t hide that, intrude me and you will enjoy your chance for meeting me.

We will talk more about politics, entertainment, life. Oh! And of course L. O. V. E. So let’s be friends.

Finally, my words of wisdom?

Oh! Am winning by default. Let someone never tell you that you are not going to make it. That is always my tag line. Success in not achieved overnight. We all know that we just have to work hard. Be yourself, stick to your lane and make things happen.

Simon Kitvan is a Kenyan law abiding citizen, currently residing in Nairobi.

Twitter; @simonkitvan

Email; simonouma98@gmail.com

Call; 0790426040

Interact|share | Begin|Become.

let someone never tell you that you can never make it

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