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The evolution of Illuminati and its continued existence to date.

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Ever since you were born and found yourself on this earth, am sure you have heard a lot of miseries which are beyond human understanding. Some of them may be so, due to their nature and they are not to be leaked out to the public due to the competing nature of human beings. Man being man, we always want to be the best and outdo others that are ahead of us and not show them our tricks to maintain our legacy.

Once we are born and we start learning from the environment, we can come across anything, good or bad. Am very sure you have heard stories about God and theories explaining his existence and his miracles and all those good things you have been told about him and how he has always protected us. We believe in him. He gave us knowledge which have helped us in many ways as man. But, here is the thing now, man have proved to have leant a lot of things and he thinks that he don’t need God anymore and some of them have even dissociated themselves with him and have opted to start their own legacy and created their own beliefs. Through the knowledge they have learnt and possess, they have ceased to believe in the Supernatural being who have always protected us. They have gone ahead to create secret societies which are the only things that they believe in as their means of survival and they even claim to protect others as well, with or without their consent and they’re working tirelessly around the clock to recruit people into their societies. One of the secret societies you have probably heard about coz it has been overrated and has manipulated itself over generations is the famous illuminati. Everyone have been talking about it and I also felt that I should not be left behind. So, let’s talk about it. Feel free to share your ideas down there at the comments section about what you think and what you know about it.

History of the illuminati;

First, what is this illuminati thing and where did it originate and who were the founders and what was their purpose? You need to ask yourself this questions to understand what it is.

The truth is, attempting to explain and understand the real illuminati is like trying to find God in person and asking him why he created us and why some things happen which will take you centuries to find answers. Maybe you will spend the rest of your life trying to find answers. The only thing that we know is that the illuminati chose to operate secretly and only its members could know its goals and purposes. But, here is the deal, scholars have been working effortlessly to find answers to this questions since they believe that this secret organization is here on earth with us.

History has it that Illuminati first came into existence in the 18th century and to be precise, it was formed and officially launched on May 1, 1776 and its founder was a German law professor Adam Weishaupt who believed strongly in enlightenment ideals and he sought to promote those ideals among elites. He wanted to educate the members, who were initially six in number, and install reason in them, philanthropy and other secular values so that they could influence political decisions when they came out in public. It used to be a very real group and with ambitious goals.

But, it was an unusual group who were believed to be doing unusual things which therefore created a lot of conspiracies and then revolutions began in fight to disband it. They used symbols which were adopted to avoid their identity. It also had complicated hierarchies in its organization. Just like a regular organization, it had hierarchies but it’s were so unique. Reports of rituals were there though they could not be confirmed. It is believed that the rituals promoted a worldview that reflected the enlightenment ideals like self-rule, anti-clerical and anti-royal. They were believed to be closer to revolutionaries than world rulers.

In as much as it was trying to survive the forces, it never operated for so long as more forces were behind its downfall and its disbandment. In fact, it only operated for a decade then it disappeared in 1785 when it was wiped out and disbanded after the duke of Bavaria Karl Theodor banned all secret societies including the illuminati then the group’s secrets were disclosed and published though are not verifiable. It disappeared.

Scholars therefore started doing research and some of the documents found in the homes of the high ranking members are believed to have contained the illuminati theories and their dreams about dominating the world as well as linking them to some cultish behavior. No one could actually understand anything completely.

Fast forwarding things, illuminati never completely disappeared, asset made a comeback in the mid 1970’s but this time around. With more plans way ahead of everyone. I believe that it must have been operating in the background even after its disbandment and must have been more successful. From there, it is believed to be in existence up to date without any interruptions and are taking over the world.

Empirically, ”it is therefore defined as an elite secret organization that comprises nearly all aspects of prominence in this world from business to music to politics to fashion to sports throughout this world and they are united to guard the human species from extinction.” -they say.

Their members are highly warned not to reveal any secret regarding the organization under the strong membership oath that they take during the initiation and they are mandated to obey and carry out their actions in complete secret to safeguard the organization’s goals.

Now, what do they believe in, where are they and who funds them?

It is not clear what they actually believe in but ever since its existence, it has been linked to Satanism but no one can actually confirm unless you are a member but due to the high secrecy of its nature, getting information about what they believe in could be really a tricky thing. But, we never fail to have a conspiracy. So, one man who claims to be an ex-Illuminati member and claims that he was chosen by the American president Donald J. Trump to work in his government from the secret society said, ”…my experience at the Illuminati will always remain with me. Indeed, once you have been initiated via blood oath in the satanic church behind Lloyd Blank Fein’s sex mansion, there is really no turning back..” he goes further and say, ”…but am happy that Donald Trump chose me…to bring economic prosperity to the farmers and socialites who need it most.” But here is the little secret he revealed about what they could be believing in, ”…I’d like to thank my wife, my other wife and my Cypriote wife for their support. And of course, I offer praise to Baphomet, the goat headed serpent worshiped by the 98% of the world’s billionaires. For many years, my voice was only heard during the bi-annual conclaves in the French Rivera that determine the course of human history over the next several years.

From his testimony alone, it could be true that believe in the Baphomet coz when we date back to when Illuminati was originally formed, it was originally a secret group of influenciers who fought against injustice, superstitions and religious influence, meaning, they could not believe in God. I guess.

Talking about the Baphomet, also known as the sabbatic goat, a symbol representing the sum of the universe and is closely linked to Satanism. Its sign is usually two horns. Anyway, to cut the long story short, they could be believing in some satanic beings, I don’t know.

The secret society is also believed to be associated with many signs that we worship on a day to day basis even without knowing that we do. We love them a lot and we think we are savages when we put them on. This ranges from horns to skulls that are always designed and printed in various merchandise that we put on. Not forgetting the illiminatic Talisman necklaces and other accessories that we love rocking. Are we honoring the Baphomet? Maybe. This signs are everywhere and anywhere all over the world. Maybe our ignorance make us not to realize them or, they are just hidden like the secret society itself so that we don’t easily identify them or is it the power of the Baphomet that hinders us from realizing? In addition, this signs are more often displayed by most of the popular musicians, some display them openly while some hide and you have to be so keen to notice.Their known sign always consist of the pyramid, the eye, the light and the eternal circle. The members believe in the symbol as it reminds them of the concepts that have always guided them and they find a message in it. Those who have found success in it, voluntarily incorporate it into their various artworks. I suggest you watch Beyoncé and lady Gaga’s videos.

Some of us, we just perform them for fun but we really do not know the truth and the origin beyond those signs we portray. Just let me remind you, pull out that that dollar note, you see that all Seeing Eye and a five sided pyramid and the lighting star? yeah, that’s it but sources have it that that sign in a dollar note is not linked to the illuminati but my question still remain that why is it the most desired currency in the whole world? I mean it’s everywhere and it’s even more precious than your local currency, why? And it’s not the most valuable or highly priced currency in the world economy. I don’t know. Share with me.

I think that answers my question of where are they actually based? In a summary, I think they are everywhere and anywhere. There is no safe place. Just to make it simple, their merchandise portraying their symbols are actually everywhere even in the ghetto. I know you are going to say that but some of them are just produced locally and by people we know. Hold on, I don’t mean that they are in illuminati but what I mean is that we have fallen for their new world order. This people have taken over the world and they are controlling it. The evolution of technology have also made it easy for them to be anywhere, they are able to spread their elitist ideas from one corner of the world to another within seconds and everyone knows about them. Maybe, that could as well answer the question of who funds them. Number one, we fund them without us noticing, through supporting their secret projects which we can’t know belong to them, buying their merchandise and products, paying high amounts of money for their highly priced artistes and much more. Number two, since it a secret organization of the elites, these people control the world economy and this could even mean printing money all over the world, if you had the chance to print money, how much could you print? Think about that. This really helps them a lot. Publicizing money and giving it the value it have today. In fact, money is not everything but the only thing you need today and all your problems are gone. That could be the driving force for them to have more members today. People are looking for money and they want to get rich and famous as fast as possible. Actually, money is not a problem to them, an article from a website believed to be belonging to them (https// said, ”…money is not an issue to those who print It.” this could suggest something to you.

Are you now asking yourself how can one join?

Well, that’s a very good question, you can’t just join it as easily as you think. If it could be that easy, then everyone could be a member today. But, hold on first, I know you have received those emails in your inbox inviting you to join the illuminati brotherhood, calm down those are not even the real illuminati, those are summers. Our world is full of summers who usually see an opportunity from problems that exist in our society. They then use the available opportunity to make money and con the poor desperate citizens off their money. It has become a money making scheme and many are victims. They have paid all the money to join these societies but have not yet gotten their promises (Made rich, popular and famous and influential or gained power), never. Those are no real illuminati. How can a secret society that want its activities kept secret to again have an online recruiting platform to get new members. It’s totally secret and maybe you have been a member since you discovered it and the only thing is that you have never been initiated to become a full member and start enjoying the membership benefits. Just work your way up hard, maybe one day when you are well off and as influential all over, they might approach you if you are worthy enough and when it’s the right time for you and maybe take you to a dark room and offer you all the luxuries of this world in exchange of your soul and loyalty.

After you join?

It all begins with you accepting and noticing the illuminati influence in everything you do. it’s just like a normal hustle in an organization, your interactions with the public is available but is very limited on what you do to them and with them, this is since you kind of gave all your human rights, they have to control all the aspects of you. In addition, it’s a full organization with leaders and you have to obey your leaders with everything they tell you. I think the hierarchy matters a lot here, and goodies don’t just come that easy. Your continued loyalty and service is what get you rewarded and finally you will one day also just reach the top. They claim that, ‘’…a person shall not be forced to believe, they must seek the answers to same mysteries and claim the same steps of the pyramid as every single member of the organization did before them.’’ It goes further to state that, ”…disloyalty is not tolerated. Members must fulfill their oaths to the Illuminati under every circumstances and recognize that they are merely one part of a much larger universal design.” –

Then, who are the members?

The same way that you ask yourself that question is the same way I do. I cannot boldly confirm who is not a member and those who are. I know a lot of speculations have always gone around about who is a member and those who are not. But according to me, here are the real members, no, wait, I don’t know. Actually only the Illuminati secret organization knows who the real members are.

Therefore, just allow me to conclude.

Whenever we start talking about the Illuminati, it’s actually a topic that never end, you will always have more and more questions that you will always have no one to answer. People will always corrupt your mind with what they know and think is best to them and as the most convincing. I don’t mean that mine are the best but is what is out there. Follow your heart in choosing what to believe in and what not to. Do a lot of research out there to find a stand and more importantly always seek the truth. Just like Christians can predict the end times, it’s also probable to predict the things that happen on the underworld coz this are things we face in our day to day life. The truth is here with us.

Anyway, it has been too long, I want to thank all those who managed to make it to the finish. It was the longest article ever and I want to swear that writing it as well was not that easy as you may think. It took me a lot of time to research and compose it into an article. You may share what you have or think.

Always remember this;

”I am the lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.”

‘‘You shall not worship any other gods but me.”

‘‘You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on earth beneath or in the waters below”

‘‘You shall not worship them for I the lord your God, I am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sins of their parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.”

‘‘But showing love to a thousand generations who love me.”

As always, God bless you.

Simon Ouma.