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Early pregnancy and sex.


A few weeks ago, both the students in their eighth grade and twelfth grades (class eight and form four) did their exams and one thing that was noticed was that most of the girls were pregnant and some of them even gave birth in the exam room as the exams were going on. This caused many people talking about it and even providing solutions to why our society could be ‘rotten’ according to them but I think they are baseless if they don’t look deep into this matter.

But, my main issue is how they put all the blame on the boy-child as the cause of all this. Don’t you think there is always a mutual agreement between these parties before they have sex. they are not forced. So, if the Government have to punish people because of this issue, they have to be treated equally.

below is a video of me talking extensively about that issues and some of the think i think about it…



What do you think about that?


How to activate windows 10 without a product key and without any software!

If you use a windows PC, you have been familiar with some things called product activation. And, you know how annoying sometimes it frustrates if you have not activated some of the products. You have no freedom over some features until you activate them which you still have to splash out a certain amount of money to get the various product keys from the store or authorized dealers.
Focusing on windows 10, today, I am going to show you how  you can activate it without the product key and without any software.
A product key for activating windows 10, is a 25 letter character which looks like this;
Capture 115
If you purchased a new windows OS, it usually come with the product key at the back of the disk that you purchased it or is sent to you in the e-mail you used to purchase it.
But sometimes, you might just decide to get your OS from third party handlers who don’t give you the product key because they don’t have it.
The disadvantage of not activating your windows is that windows do close some settings like personalization and you have a watermark at the bottom right corner of your screen. You know how that annoys.
Capture 116
Then when you go settings as it says thinking that you are going to solve the problem, you meet this;
Capture 117
Now this is where your sorrows begin, you don’t have that key they are asking you for and you cant guess it either plus, you cant use a friend’s.
Automatically, windows should always activate itself when you are connected to the Internet after installing it. If you bought yours from a third party, it will not activate automatically and that is why it will keep prompting you to activate it manually.
Here is how to go about all those problems and let’s do the tutorial now.
Be attentive guys, write down these steps
Capture 118
The codes I just showed you are what we are going to use to activate our windows, not by trial and error, I will upload them to my drive and  post a link where you will also download them from my drive, so don’t worry.
Once you have downloaded the codes, open them and they will open in word pad or just notepad or any other software you will use to open them.
After you open, highlight everything then right click and select copy.
Capture 119
Minimize that window then go to any blank space on desktop, right click again and go to new then select text document, you can name it anything you want, then save and open it.
Capture 120
Capture 121
In that new window, now right click and select paste to paste what  you had initially copied
Capture 122
Capture 123
On the top left corner of that same window, you will see file, click on it and go to save as, select it.
Capture 124
Capture 125
In the new window that opens, at the bottom, go to the first check box, where the name of the document is written and add .bat so that it can be executed as a batch file when you click save.
Capture 126
Capture 127
Leave the second check box as it is, then click save just down there.
Now you can happily close all the other windows and locate where you have just saved it at.
Capture 128
I saved mine at the desktop and it will now look like that you have just seen,
Now right click on it and select run as administrator and wait for the windows command prompt to run now. Be patient, it may take a few minutes.
Capture 129
Capture 130
And boom, you receive that good message you were waiting for, …
Capture 131
You get that, product activated successfully 
Huh! Mama I made it.
If it may ask you to save, just type letter Y on your keyboard and click enter.
And just like that, now we have activated our windows, no more water marks at the bottom of our screen.
After you activate your windows, you will now realize that all those settings that you were closed for can now be accessed, like personalization and much more.
Go to your settings and check if your windows is activated now.
Capture 132
It says that windows is activated using your organization’s activation key. That is still valid. Its the same as you having your organization’s name linked to your email address.
In case the activation expires, you just repeat the same steps you did. Plus, you can always change the product key anytime you feel like doing so, maybe lets say you have bought it from store. It will be changed for you.
And now follow this link to get those codes I just used. I have posted them on my Google drive.
Enjoy and I hope it helps you.
Simon Kitvan. 

5 Easy Steps To Living a Thankful Life

I love and enjoy reading for various reasons which I may not tell you today. I do feel more happy when I read about positive things that I feel are going to change my life to somewhere better than it was. so, as I was reading this nice piece of article by RACHEL KIRAGU, you can find her at
( ), I really liked it and I also decided that it’s the post I will share with you today so that you can as well learn something new today. I give credits to her.

RACHEL KIRAGU is a radio show host,
A writer,
And a mom.

Rae Kiragu's World

It’s the new year and as I solemnly vowed to not do a ‘new year resolutions list’, I have instead taken it upon myself to actively seek out what it takes to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

When I set out on a personal journey last year, I found that at the core of my being, was a deep lack fulfillment that I’m sure a lot of us have.

It’s the feeling that your life either hasn’t progressed or that it is progressing much too slowly for your liking.

So I made it my goal to seek for fulfillment and found that one way is by training your mind to be thankful.

I read a Joyce Meyer article online and it was her very interesting take on the Israelites and how they wandered through the desert.

Now lest my assuming we all know the bible by heart is wrong…

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Wanton

Hi, my name is Simon, Simon Kitvan and I love sharing ideas about life barely originating from the environment that I interact with on a daily basis, it always provide a lot to learn, experience and to destroy you if you are not so keen about it.

On this platform,  it will be better if we be free to talk about anything that affects our life as the youths, things we interact with on a daily basis that affect us in one way or another.

Expect to see a lot of stories from sex, betting, entertainment, music, politics, life hacks… you name them , anything that makes both of us happy.

Sometimes, lets remember to make it as much dialectic as possible so that we can always be able to make sense and think more just about the ideas the we share.

As I started, I will appreciate your company so much because it will make me feel like  I have a family here as well apart from my biological family.

Welcome and God bless you as you prepare to enjoy my content.

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