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My honest opinion.

Network Marketing.

So, I spend a lot of my time online researching and reading various stories so that am always informed in a lot of online related things including Network Marketing coz that is what most  Nairobi youths and maybe nationwide at large are battling and this is due to the psychological messages that you always send to new members to win their hearts so that they may join your scheme, which ideally in many occasions, you win because most of youths are jobless and it has reached a point in our lives that, whenever we hear something related to and might be generating us money, we become so happy and eager to engage into it. Then, you manage sustain staying there because the “firm” itself promises you good deeds indeed that you won’t leave it any soon unless you think deeper.


So, originally, network marketing was created to be a business model in which a distributor network is needed to build a business and usually such businesses are also “Multi-Level Marketing” (MLM) in nature, which I have been telling you, in that, payouts occur at more than one level, the more people you recruit, the more payout you get.

And this kind of business is more familiar with people looking for part time job or just flexible business which has actually been the “most   model of advert you use to recruit others”, I mean it makes it look more promising and faster convincing.


To make it look more legit, they incorporate somewhat kind of an actual selling of products which doesn’t work at all coz people don’t buy them. So, mostly they ask participants to recruit other sales representatives such that when I join the organization, I know that I am going to do actual sales but in between there, you get assimilated into that MLM culture and you just get used to it. And then, recruiting becomes their main agenda than selling products because they don’t make any profit to sustain all the members and pay them, so the more members you recruit and they pay for the subscription services available and upgrades, the more money the firm makes, you also become a boss you are as well upgraded with people under you. And that is why it’s called a pyramid scheme but they always refuse that just because they want to maintain that good image and earn people’s trust and achieve more credibility.



In Kenya, this is not left behind, they have been existing and just to name but a few, I have seen Alliance in Motion (AIM global),  GIF among others, and if you follow up, you will always find that their office is always just in one place, all of them, the head office is in Nairobi, Commerce House, 4th floor. I even think that it’s one firm that keeps renaming it self after getting busted and not paying its people.


Just the other day, one of their members sent me their web address which I deeply interacted with and found out that their head office is also located in the same place. The website is really lucrative and I salute the designer, it’s worth it. I read through it, found some articles, which are good, I tried to look through the products page to see the products they are selling, I found nothing there. Again, they also said that they offer web hosting services but it’s not even described there, nothing not even a Link!!!!! What a secret firm?


Then, I came about their telegram channel Link, I clicked on it and boom, it took me to the telegram channel, thought I would find something there, No. The only things I saw were posters of how who has done what, instructions from their bosses, advising people to upgrade, and some other motivational quotes and fliers and books, you remember up there I said they use a lot of psychology to channel their messages? Right now you know why, to encourage you not to quit and leave them. There also, no products being sold at all. I wonder what they sell then. Maybe somebody send me photos I see.


I may not deny that am not a victim, I have once been a victim and I was almost joining, I was almost getting inside that recruitment office back in 2015 but something just changed my mind and left ( I realized some mischief). From there, I went and did an extensive research about this schemes and that which was trying to recruit me as well and I just found out that they are going nowhere. They are just wasting our time and money, I or we, better do something else than recruiting people, to pay Ksh. 200 to join. I really pity them. So even you as a member, am not telling you to quit but, just digest this piece and think of what you want to do with your life. Is it the right way to follow, or is it the right thing to do? Are you heading somewhere with it? And if yes, where exactly do you see yourself at? The answer lies with you. Follow your heart.


Anyway, I may write and write but people who send me this texts trying to recruit me usually do not know that I have more knowledge of what they are even trying to recruit me into than them. I have had more experience than the New people who are just joining and think they know it all but they are only aggressive.

Let me cut the long story short and I hope you learn something from my story.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best in your endeavors

A Simon Kitvan story.

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Why 13th April is the day for Bruno 4 Main.



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Ever since independence in Kenya in 1963 we gained self-rule so that we could have control over every aspect of resources owned by us collectively as a country. We chose democracy because we believed in equality and the rule of many was the best form of government for us. We have been dwelling by that ever since and it has even been devolved for most appropriation. Today, we have every aspect of organization embracing leadership just because population has increased and every single individual cannot be in charge, we needed to be represented.

Shifting focus, The University of Nairobi (UoN) is an institution and it is not left behind matters leadership. In fact, I think I would classify it as a mini state, a city state.  It is so big that it is divided into eleven colleges so that it can be manageable. Each college having its own mini government with the main campus being the central government and all the activities that take place in the entire UoN originate from main campus. This would therefore mean that if you are tasked to take charge of the main campus, as the main campus chairman. You have a very important task to perform. Well, this month therefore becomes that special month of the year because we are going to the ballot to elect our leaders for various post and I am only going to focus on the chairman’s post. Some scholar called Max Weber once established the system of bureaucracy meaning; the other posts below will just take shape if we have a good and able leader at the top and this good and able ruler at the top would be one Bruno Otiato.

Bruno Otiato is one guy who has always maintained good student-administration and even sometimes the outside corporate-student relations. This has led to some students step to the US Embassy to attend forums and discussions there. Not once, but several times. A thing you could only imagine, and he was no leader at this time but just including others in what he does. His primary and first ideology has always been the betterment of all comrades first. That is the spirit of brotherhood and that is a brief definition of a strong, good and able leader and, 13th April, 2018 is the date to achieve that long term dream.

Now, just allow me to break it down further for you why he should be the man of the day come 13th April;  


In my country Kenya, one of the big four agenda for our president is to curb unemployment rates which is really on the rise and about 30% of the youth are unemployed. Comrades are not left behind in this menace and Team Bruno 4 Main is trying to help our president to curb unemployment and in his argument, he argues that the UoN is a big institution and can create a lot of employment opportunities for comrades and he views it in this way, he can be able to create temporary employment from the university’s various employing bodies, just to give you an example; library, kitchen, canteens. Here, at least some comrades will be sorted out.


On your own, it’s always very difficult to find internship opportunities and if you find, it will be subject to all forms of intimidation and sufferings you could imagine. A leader is someone who usually have access to a lot of things in a society and can always enable the establishment of more opportunities even if they were not initially existing.  With this kind of power vested into him, he believes that he will come to the students’ mercy of helping them find internships with ease due to the friendly conditions he shall have created with the outside corporate and brought more exposure among students as well.


Team Bruno 4 Main once elected, seeks to increase the number of exchange programs. If you do not know what an exchange program is, this is basically a student program where a student from the UoN (not necessarily UoN) goes to study abroad at one of the partnering institutions and the vice versa. Now that sounds lucrative right? Let’s make it even more lucrative, Team Bruno 4 Main seeks to increase that number to 50 per semester so that most of your dreams can be achieved. Do not wonder how this is going to possible? It’s going to cost a lot of money? 50 students are just too many? Just hold on. Sometimes, an exchange program does not necessarily mean that you go and study abroad, once the exchange program process has been finalized and accredited, you can do it at the comfort of your current institutions and you do not necessarily need to go abroad.  This in turn provides a basis for establishing long lasting productive partnerships and relationships between the two, exchange of knowledge as well as mutual understanding throughout the world.


How many times have you ever seen or even encountered international students looking confused and are asking for directions for various school premises? And you are like, uuuuum what is wrong with this guys?  Why can they just read the signs and find the places like we once did? Come on, you have to help a brother. Team Bruno 4 Main seeks to establish a buddy program for this category of students so that they would be associated into our day to day activities which makes the feel home and part of us.


Somebody who I have not known until today once said that all work and no playing makes Jack a dull boy. Well that seems to be true. It’s always good to spare some time of your day to relax your mind maybe playing, listening to music or just any other way that relaxes your mind. Team Bruno 4 Main is to take this to the next level. The main goal here is to promote all this activities and make a rewarding move out of them. Those who have always been interested to the world of entertainment, there would be auditions  conducted at least after every three months and guests present would be producers, promoters  and all those other entities interested in harnessing upcoming talents and  making worth out of them.


In other rounds, the team will also be working around the clock to promote activities of professional bodies in the event of partnerships so that students would get to interact with them in various ways and learn a lot about the professional world out there. This also helps the students to develop critical thinking and also become innovators due to the positive interactions they experience from the professionals.


This in combination, including improvement of accommodation through establishing proper housing for students, reduction of long holidays because this things are way too many and more than enough and are not just ending and comrades are nowhere near finishing school soon and, promoting academic activities for it is easier to find a venue to host more entertainment shows than finding a venue to host a public lecture. These are therefore also in store for the students once Team Bruno 4 Main is elected.


Finally,  he want to establish a good link between him and the students by being a man of the people by trying to listen to all comrades’ needs and trying to solve the ones he could. Just prepare for the best and in God we trust. All shall be well and that is why you need to get up on 13th April and vote in Team Bruno 4 Main.



As always, GOD bless you.