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Why I hate capitalism


When you first hear of the word capitalism, what comes into your mind?

Me, the first thing that comes to my mind is profit, just by focusing on the word ‘’capital’’ which capitalism is derived from. Usually, capitalism is an economic system that its main agenda is based on private ownership of the means of production and the core reason for its existence and operation is the profit motive. Most countries in the world tend to be capitalists in nature, whether core countries or peripheral countries or semi-peripheral countries but their success may vary from one country or another based on how the ideology is applied.

My main concern today is on the peripheral countries, am choosing to call them that name since that sounds more appealing and some modest of respect  to them. In the world systems theory, this are those countries that are less developed and they receive small share of the global wealth. Or rather let’s just call them third world countries. I’m choosing this category because their capitalism is more threatening and means more harm to the citizens.

Usually, capitalism is characterized by freedom to own private property, accumulate capital, and acquire wage labor, open competition and little or no limitations by the government on the capitalist operation.  The market structure to some extent a free market economy, meaning, the freedom to make decisions and determining the market trend lies with the wealth owners. Marrying this concept quickly with Karl Marx’s Marxist theory, the competition would lead to development of a class struggles based on materialistic differences. The first thing that you have to think about now is exploitation due to the selfish nature of man, this would lead to creation of at most three classes, the upper class, the middle class and the lower class.

And, this is where the problems of capitalism begins. In my country Kenya, which I love using a lot as a perfect example, you are likely to find out that most people in their younger ages are saving nothing towards their future life but if you ask them why, they too just wish that capitalism would not be there in that future. The system has become so extractive such that all the moneys we get, they all nearly get absorbed back into the system itself before we could even think of doing something constructive with it. Those people in the higher class have access to more means of production, meaning they have more wealth and since they compete amongst themselves due to the nature of the market allowing them to do so, they discover more innovations so that they can survive in the same environment.  On the other hand they have to exploit those in the lower class so that we can continually depend on them and provide them with what they need which is mainly raw materials and cheap labor, sometimes under weird conditions which are very inhuman but we just have to do it for our survival. We make sure that we add them even the little that we have.  We continue to remain poor because of the high extortion that we are undergoing just to benefit a few individuals. There is even another major threat in the system called the cartels, this are a group of few corrupt individuals who come to compromise the system. They usually have more money which they dispense into the system to make sure that they are relevant in the game. They actually manage to go far with this since one of the main characteristics of capitalism is that the market is a free market economy and this gives them the freedom to determine the direction to which the market should head to. Their involvement may lead to an increase in the prices of commodities or influx of more fake and cheap product so that they make a lot of profit and, the concept is very simple, when you buy a fake product, its authentic that it will not last for a longer period than the original one and you would go back to the shop to buy another one again. In return, they would benefit in that you have bought the same product at least twice over a very short period of time. If it was something that affects your health, they still have hospitals where they promise you will access health services at waived prices and you run to those hospitals because you see that it is really cutting the cost for you. At the end of the day, they gain, you lose.

In fact, to some extent, capitalism has reached a point in the peripheral countries such that it is even compromising the education system because they want more people illiterate so that they can continue exploiting them. I used to work in a certain company some months ago before I went back to school and I could do my observation and I realized that the industry was full of young people than adults. The main reason was that they are trying to achieve the goal of youth empowerment which is good but, they mean exactly the opposite of this. It is easier to manipulate the minds of the youths to continue serving the capitalists than they can do to the adults. The fact is, more youths are unemployed and the youths themselves think that getting employed solves their problems one off.  When I was about to quit my work and go back to school, most of my colleagues were unhappy why I was making such a move and when I asked them why, they told me that I was going to be broke and I should not quit my job. Anyway, I still went ahead and left the job. Looking back, I still see most of the people I used to work with in the same position I left them, with the same salary we used to earn, some have even had their salaries reduced but they have no option. If you ask most of this people about school, they rather work than go to school. School will just have to wait, in fact, the answer they give you most of the time is that they will go to school after they have made money which they make every single month but they can hardly account for what they are doing with the money they get. Just like I said, most of it goes back into the system. Deduct tax and other expenses contributed towards government institutions, plus the ones they get charged for reasons such as failure to meet company targets and a few misconducts. They remain with little peanuts. Anyway, this capitalists and cartels had already gone to school and are educated and they don’t want the youth too to be educated because they would be learned and begin inventing new things and compete with them. Sometimes they blind our eyes with a few tricks that we don’t need to go through the normal education system where you learn the basic theories which are diversified but instead, come up with an approach of a technical training where you only get to lean a few techniques that can help you survive. Trash.  These are what leads to increased poverty levels yet more people are working. They remain poor because they don’t think, their thoughts and limits have been compromised by the capitalists.

In as much as the capitalists would boast of economic freedoms and to some extent political freedom, the incompetent masses is still suffering at the bottom of the system and in as much as the government may try to incorporate some socialist ideas to some degree, it is only doing that to play safe so that it cannot be directly blamed but it’s nothing close to any help to the incompetent masses. Let us be enlightened and plan or games wisely. Let’s not confine our thinking to now only. I still hate capitalism to some extent.   Continue reading Why I hate capitalism


Open talk with my fellow Kenyan Youths verses the Government.

Listen listen,
Am your boy Kitvan,
And by the way, this are my own opinions.

Let’s go….
So, am just a young Kenyan youth who tries a lot of things just to make sure am not idle most of the times..
Because that is what our country is trying to put our youths through, I mean its high time you have to discover yourself and do what you can so that you don’t be idle.

Now let me tell you a little story about our country.
Kenya is the place in Africa and they say that we are still three world counties, yes I guess we are.
In a society that the young like me really have to suffer unless you have a godfather, or you are just extra sharp, or you must just have some luck I don’t know where from or you have to accept to be used to get a favor or, you have to chuck a few bucks to be considered a valid option.

See, that is how corruption is killing my country,
To an extent that those who are supposed to protect us are doing less to try so.
They claim that the youth are the determinants of development but I really don’t see the ideals of this.

Whenever we try to upthrift, we are either silenced and our dreams just shattered that way or more tough policies are formulated that doesn’t favour us.
Whenever we discover something, someone already established somewhere will really be traumatized and all he think is how he will snatch that discovery from us. I hear they call them cartels, I call them advanced opportunists who can do more and have more abilities than us and means a lot of harm for us developmentwise.

The life standards are just getting tougher and tougher every day, in fact our constitution is a rights based constitution but at this point, I think its only a written document, it doesn’t defend and protect our rights that much.
If not, then why extra judicial killings, why progressive corruption, why economic discrimination, why us not getting tenders too, why sabotage health issues, why, why, why why? A lot of whys I can’t even finish.

They said women empowerment, wait, was it only to take advantage of our vulnerable ladies, why are they taking advantage of their vulnerability. More pregnancies are terminated due to the fear of irresponsible dads coming ahead, kids keep asking their single mothers each day where their dads are only to be told they are abroad, in fact, so far, so far that they are not coming soon only just to cool them and give them hopes that one day they will get to see them though not soon. I know nearly every living animal on this planet have sex and the reward is an offspring if it was unprotected and between two mature opposite sexes, I mean a young one, a baby.
Just likewise, we have a lot of street kids and their numbers continue to rise each day but again, not all kids who you meet on the streets are there because they like it, some reasons made them to be there, just like taking advantage of the vulnerability of their mothers, others sad and others even sadder.

Sometimes, we attend this job interviews only to realize later that we were just attending because it’s a formality that interviews have to be done but the job we are actually attending the interview for were already have people selected and reserved. You go back home waiting forever for that promised hope, “we will call you” never to hear from them again. You decide to do other odd things to survive, you waste your life in the hands of the law.

This issue of class is real and the youth are continued to be oppressed, I like how the law can be used to protect those “who have made it”, even if the crime they have committed can be vividly seen even by the blind. In fact, they are only summoned or raided with some fancy good-looking cars and requested to be “arrested ” and again requested to appear in court under a special court order, they are still treated like kings and queens, some of them who even “have made it more” get invited to sit and laugh and sip tea with MPs in the Parliamentary Committee in the name of being questioned about some offense. That’s our tax payers money they are screwing on since they have to be paid “allowances” for the “good” job they are doing.
On the other hand, let just news reach the authority that some little boy have made away with just a hen, he will be looked for even in the holes of an ant and toe walked to a tiny police cell that looks like a sewage tunnel.
Hah! Listen to this irony, sometimes back when we were made to “believe” that the government is really serious and took a few cartels to the cells just for days, the media could still follow them and the only thing they could complain about is sleeping on the floor and taking porridge with no sugar!! Hah! I wonder how someone could have the guards to mention that as a problem they experience yet some of us we are not in the cells but porridge without sugar is the only thing we know for breakfast, sleeping on the floor is the sweetest thing ever, we only see beds by the road side where they are sold when walking to work, we only have a pair of shoes which we put from January to December, our clothes can be counted too, in fact, our clothes can be used as a point of reference to refer someone to us sometimes. Some people claim they hate the job they are currently in yet some don’t even have somewhere to get even a Bob daily, they have to beg.

Unpacking our current regime, we have this thing called the “Big 4” which to me really, I only give it 30%, of being effective. Let’s begin with the first one,

1. Unemployment and industrialization; this is where the youths were actually promised mountains. We have not even seen hills or even rocks, in fact, the unemployment rate has even gone higher. We are not awarded tenders, we only see those who had worked getting reappointed for new jobs, in fact, sometimes they ask for a five years of experience to get a job!!! Where are we even going to get that experience from if no one is actually willing to employ us? A lot of foreigners providing labor which just local Kenyan youths can provide. To make it even fun, we could see like more than 60% of the funds allocated for the youths being stolen and the story just eroded like that. Corruption is the mother of all the problems we have. Let’s leave that there.

2. Affordable housing; indeed the houses are really “affordable.” Over the past two years, we have witnessed several demolitions thinking that , yes finally its going to be done, wait until I heard the prices of the houses, they were really “affordable.” I wonder where the normal youth will get that money to afford the houses even if the little one to eat is a nightmare. Plus, more people have been left houseless due to the demolitions.. Pin that there too.

3. Health; wow! You would be so happy when hear that the government is going to help you cater for some health expenses only to see doctors striking nation wide for nearly four months. Reason, they have not been paid plus, they want a salary increment that can sustain them and good working conditions. Still, even if it’s the government’s agenda, you will still be shocked that the health funds are embezzled, our women are Still charged when delivering yet it is free delivery for all women in the public hospitals, patients ordered to buy medicine yet the annual budget allocate some funds towards that and treating other kinds of illness which I may call light diseases. Pin that too, we can say more other day.

4. Food security; this is also ironical that we have concerned bodies like National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) who should oversight that our environment are clean and same for us and production. We still see people encroaching on reserved lands and polluting them, cutting down the trees growing there like they don’t know the importance of growing trees. It is such activities that lead to increased food insecurities, our lands becoming more dry and very unproductive to thus we do not produce more food for our consumption, we still have to import more food. Still wondering how sugar is claimed to have “mercury” in the whole country, if they could not have killed the local sugar factories, we could not have had a lot of such mysteries. The little food that we have are as well miss used and wasted, more families are sleeping hungry everyday, some dying of hunger too. Bring back our local factories to improve food security.

I think that our government is extorting us a lot, start with Kenya revenue authority (KRA), a tax body just really misusing its privileges to extort from us. A small entrepreneur like me who should be given some time to breath and look for ways to grow, they are on my back like a tick, they are not leaving me. Anyway I don’t mean that you don’t pay taxes, its your constitutional obligation to do so. What I am just worried about is this high rates of inflation yet they expect us to approach it the same way, whether high-class or low-class. Those inflated bills..

Matters security, we still see a lot of the youth getting murdered and even detained. This is due to more youth getting involved into criminal activities like stealing and robbing others the little they own. More of the youths still getting recruited into terror groups who still come back to terrorize us. The reward for all this is either mob Justice or facing the long arm of the law, which is usually being shot n the spot or jail.

Our ladies too, I have not forgotten about you. The rates of prostitution have too risen, exchanging sex for money or selling nude photos or acting pornography in the weird ways ever, or sometimes, dating older rich men who are the size of your dad so that you can extort money from them.

It’s high time we get out of this mass incompetency and be aware of our rights. Plus, it’s also about time to learn that getting employment is running out, there are many graduates out here with no jobs,we have to create opportunities for ourselves and employ ourselves before its late or we will remain unemployed forever.

Discover who you are, what you can be, what you can do and be you and get out to do it before looking on someone to catch your hand and lead you somewhere. Be aggressive enough to find that somewhere alone if possible.

Let’s not buy this idea of youth empowerment which is being promoted but has just been commercialized for personal gains by the cartels.




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Blogging as a positive tool for Human Rights protection and Promotion


Photo: rightsblog.net

Well, I know you could probably be wondering that how is blogging and Human Rights related? Okay, let’s begin by breaking down these two in brief.

Blogging is basically creating content ranging from video, written, audio among others and publishing them online on your site if you own one or selling that content to be published somewhere else by someone rather than just you. This makes it a form of social network since when you blog, your main aim is to build a social relation with your publics. The content one talks about is not limited to a particular topic, one talks about anything that best suits him/her.

Human Rights on the other hand are standards that guarantees and tries to fulfill and satisfy an array of factors ranging from the basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and other factors such as education, liberty, life, equality, discrimination, expression, security, forced labor, privacy, religion, speech among many other entities. And, they are called human rights because they only apply to human beings.

Now, this is how the two come in handy, our Kenyan Constitution 2010, which to me is actually a rights based constitution, gives every Kenyan the freedom of expression and freedom of the media and to be specific, Article 33 (1) (a) and (b) and Article 34 (1) which gives us that freedom as long as it doesn’t infringe on others’ rights which is basically violating the laws. Blogging is actually one of those ways we express ourselves and put out our views on a particular topic.

Although the same constitution, Article 21 (1) says that it is the fundamental duty of every state and state organ to observe to observe, respect, protect, promote and to fulfill the rights and freedom, that duty is not only limited to the government alone. When you look at the composition of a state, we have citizens as well. Therefore, we are the citizens, we bloggers, and we have the duty to protect and promote the basic fundamental Human Rights, every citizen. But, in the three world countries like Kenya where I may say that we have a massive mass incompetency and the citizens regularly have their rights and freedoms abused, employing the power of social media which many can access is a better way to impart that information to the incompetent masses in ways that helps to protect and promote the rights of those who are vulnerable and enlighten them on the freedom to choose how to live and express themselves.

Bloggers are therefore the government’s watchdog or any other individual trying to violate the rights of others whenever they tend to address and provide solutions to those problems.

Protecting and promoting Human rights.

Just like I said in the third paragraph, human rights are standards that aim to satisfy and fulfill an array of factors, a certain blogger or blog may decide to simply specialize in just one area of interest or talk about what comes to the table at hand. Blogging itself is a platform which can be accessed by many as long as it is good content and if you have a good mass of the public, you have access.

A lot of events have been occurring every now and then which clearly are violating the life standards such as discrimination, extra-judicial killings, economic exploitation, child abuse, mistreatment of the disabled, abusing women and other vulnerable groups, current slavery like the ones we witnessed in Libya, mistreatment of interns, abuse of office among many more. One will actually realize how cubing all these individually would be a huge task that he can’t even start. But, it is the duty of a blogger to help ensure that fellow citizens should not be mistreated and their rights not abused. I believe in the power of snowballing, it starts by me, then to my friend, then to his/her friends and the ball is passed just continually like that until it becomes a trend.

When I condemn a certain organ’s bad policy trying to exploit me/us through my blog and the public reads it, am already protecting a right and creating awareness to the public that they should not at any given point allow what am condemning to happen to them too. Usually, the government primarily just guarantee us our rights, let’s say in written documents such as constitution. I, condemning the violation of those rights is already protecting them.

Blog bodies in Kenya such as the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) which is a community organization of Kenyan bloggers and content creators which itself promotes online content creation and assuring bloggers freedom of expression is already protecting human rights just by creating that platform. The body brings the hope we need when expressing ourselves thus we enjoy that guarantee  provided to express ourselves as long as we do not infringe on others’ rights. Through their blogs, they enlighten and empower the public that they rightfully deserve to choose what they want and enjoy their lives. This is also fused with training workshops and even awarding bloggers so as to achieve better acceptance in the society as well as to prove to the society that truly bloggers are their shields.

Through addressing/putting to light/giving proposals and holding dialogues on fundamental issues affecting our daily lives,  also plays a big role in protecting human rights because some people, actually the violators are kept on toes and on watch. When we talk against something boldly, no one would want to engage into committing that offense since they would be on the lame light. Today blogging is actually one of the main tools used by most entities to expose those violating our rights and people are keen on bloggers just for such information.

So, without any fear, use the platform available to you as a content creator to protect and promote any form of human rights.

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How to activate windows 10 without a product key and without any software!

If you use a windows PC, you have been familiar with some things called product activation. And, you know how annoying sometimes it frustrates if you have not activated some of the products. You have no freedom over some features until you activate them which you still have to splash out a certain amount of money to get the various product keys from the store or authorized dealers.
Focusing on windows 10, today, I am going to show you how  you can activate it without the product key and without any software.
A product key for activating windows 10, is a 25 letter character which looks like this;
Capture 115
If you purchased a new windows OS, it usually come with the product key at the back of the disk that you purchased it or is sent to you in the e-mail you used to purchase it.
But sometimes, you might just decide to get your OS from third party handlers who don’t give you the product key because they don’t have it.
The disadvantage of not activating your windows is that windows do close some settings like personalization and you have a watermark at the bottom right corner of your screen. You know how that annoys.
Capture 116
Then when you go settings as it says thinking that you are going to solve the problem, you meet this;
Capture 117
Now this is where your sorrows begin, you don’t have that key they are asking you for and you cant guess it either plus, you cant use a friend’s.
Automatically, windows should always activate itself when you are connected to the Internet after installing it. If you bought yours from a third party, it will not activate automatically and that is why it will keep prompting you to activate it manually.
Here is how to go about all those problems and let’s do the tutorial now.
Be attentive guys, write down these steps
Capture 118
The codes I just showed you are what we are going to use to activate our windows, not by trial and error, I will upload them to my drive and  post a link where you will also download them from my drive, so don’t worry.
Once you have downloaded the codes, open them and they will open in word pad or just notepad or any other software you will use to open them.
After you open, highlight everything then right click and select copy.
Capture 119
Minimize that window then go to any blank space on desktop, right click again and go to new then select text document, you can name it anything you want, then save and open it.
Capture 120
Capture 121
In that new window, now right click and select paste to paste what  you had initially copied
Capture 122
Capture 123
On the top left corner of that same window, you will see file, click on it and go to save as, select it.
Capture 124
Capture 125
In the new window that opens, at the bottom, go to the first check box, where the name of the document is written and add .bat so that it can be executed as a batch file when you click save.
Capture 126
Capture 127
Leave the second check box as it is, then click save just down there.
Now you can happily close all the other windows and locate where you have just saved it at.
Capture 128
I saved mine at the desktop and it will now look like that you have just seen,
Now right click on it and select run as administrator and wait for the windows command prompt to run now. Be patient, it may take a few minutes.
Capture 129
Capture 130
And boom, you receive that good message you were waiting for, …
Capture 131
You get that, product activated successfully 
Huh! Mama I made it.
If it may ask you to save, just type letter Y on your keyboard and click enter.
And just like that, now we have activated our windows, no more water marks at the bottom of our screen.
After you activate your windows, you will now realize that all those settings that you were closed for can now be accessed, like personalization and much more.
Go to your settings and check if your windows is activated now.
Capture 132
It says that windows is activated using your organization’s activation key. That is still valid. Its the same as you having your organization’s name linked to your email address.
In case the activation expires, you just repeat the same steps you did. Plus, you can always change the product key anytime you feel like doing so, maybe lets say you have bought it from store. It will be changed for you.
And now follow this link to get those codes I just used. I have posted them on my Google drive.
Enjoy and I hope it helps you.
Simon Kitvan. 

Patience and Goals.

Well, to me, I may say that these two words inter-marry. Such that, when you set a goal, you don’t just wake up one morning and find it done, the nature of the goal, whether short term or long term, will introduce the virtue of patience. There are always other minor goals you have to set within which complement the main goal. In this small goals, you have to be patience to go through them.

Anyway, let’s begin by understanding these two terms first. In a laywoman’s language, a goal can be said to be the reason you are doing something, like, I am writing this article so that you may read it to help you in one way or another. That is my purpose, it is my goal. A goal must always begin before the actual journey. See, when you want to go to the United States from my country Kenya, going to the states is the main purpose here but there are other minor goals you have to achieve like making sure you have enough money to cater for everything you will do, look for a visa and a passport, book a place that will host you when you reach the States among other things. Once you have achieved all this goals, you will realize that the main purpose will be very easy for you to achieve.

When it comes to goals, you have to know that a goal is an abstract destiny but not an illusion, meaning, we cannot see or touch the goal but we believe that there is something we are geared towards achieving and we only prove it when action is included.

On the other hand, patience is the ability to have faith, hopes and endurance in your activities and the purposes you wish to achieve. That ability of being able to wait for the right time for something you have a purpose for to happen is patience.

Now, why I decided to fuse patient and goals is because they go in handy. There is no way you can be patient without a goal, the same way you cannot achieve something good if you were not patient during the process. One element doesn’t do perfectly without the other. So, first, you have to have to set a goal then, walk your way through the goal.

In order to understand the workings of this perfectly, I am going to break it down into three sub-divisions.

Division [I]


I believe that everyone is always a product of their own belief and it is the belief that determines the final response from you. Talking of attitude, I’m only referring to positive attitude here because we are geared towards achieving a positive goal. But, the factors that affect your attitude will determine whether you will be patient as well to maintain that positive attitude. Number one, let’s begin by yourself. You are the pilot and controller of what you want to achieve. You are the one who decides if you want to be serious or not, to be positive or not and if you want to continue achieving or not. Number two, your immediate surrounding might also take part in installing some attitude in you. How you view and interpret them contributes to shaping your attitude. Let’s say you and your friend are taking coffee at a restaurant in town, then a cool lady walks in and sit next to you alone and really feeling bored, man, this could be your golden opportunity of finding a lady but if you only keep doubting that your friend must also be eying her, wondering of things like what are the other people at the restaurant thinking of me? You are already creating a negative attitude for yourself and you will not talk to the lady afterwards and she will just leave without you saying a word to her. Number three, your larger environment. Here your locality and maybe even your country at large forms your larger environment.  Do not consider a lot both inductive and deductive reasoning because this do not always apply in all circumstances. Sometimes just try to be unique and be yourself. Have a positive attitude towards what you want to achieve. Do not borrow the concept of patience, have your own right version of patience.



Setting a practical goal is basically aiming for things you know are achievable to you over some time. Do not put up a goal that you even don’t have a ground to start on. The sky is always the limit as they say but, what is your version of the sky here? Some people’s version of the sky are just so absurd and is vividly seen as impossible. I have seen a lot of people mess around because they don’t set up practical goals for themselves. In a relationship goal, you hear a lady who is still not engaged defining her goals and you are like okay, wait, you are 21 years old, still living in your parents’ house which you don’t pay rent, you are still going to campus which you don’t pay school fees, your parents still send you pocket money every weekend for your survival including phone airtime and you say you want a man, still young as you are, handsome, driving some big car, owning a house, earning a specific range of salary, must be taking you out to some particular  restaurant!!!! Well, come on young girl, you even don’t know what it takes to have that life. Maybe ask your parents to tell you what it took them to reach where they are currently at. Now that is a true definition of a goal that is not practical. Imagine that now all this goals are turned for you, that at your young age, you need to have all those mentioned above to date a man!! What would you do? To achieve all this, this where the virtue of patient comes in. all this wealthy people we see never just woke up one day and found themselves rich unless you were born in some royal family where you have everything then this is possible.

Some goals are short term while others are long term goals. The short term goals are the ones that you can achieve over a short period of time and the long term ones are the ones that you have to work on for a number of years to achieve. You remember when you first joined campus, your goal is to finish school, get employed, own property and so on. But right now, you have not even finished school but you have hopes that one day you will achieve all this. That is the patience I am talking about. That ability to wait. That virtue is what I am asking you to always have in almost all your activities without rushing because they are practical to you, you have a chronological structure of achieving them which involves evaluating the past, assessing the present and looking forward to the future. And remember to be practical yourself by committing to those goals.



The simplest meaning of the word discipline is learning and following a certain order of things. When you follow any rules as they are intended to, we say that you are disciplined. It doesn’t matter who sets the rules, they can even be set by you to be followed by you personally. Then you shall have been disciplined. You know how following some rules becomes a task? If you can manage to follow them without braking any of them you can be said to be patient. (Though this is not the only measure of discipline and patience.) But, you all know that for you to achieve something positive, some discipline must have come handy with it. Therefore, discipline also comes in two categories. The first category is self-discipline. In our day to day lives we do come across many things, both good things and bad things. If you are able to say NO to those bad things around you and device a proper way of handling them, then you are self-disciplined. Other elements of self-discipline also include, taking initiative, self-acceptance and belief, the way you treat yourself, how you address people and hard work.

The second category is external discipline. This involves the respect you give to other people or just external things you come across your way. Once you have learned to treat yourself well, you should also learn to treat other people well too. This also comes into two forms. One, obedience. This involves submission to an authority as commissioned by the authority. Once you are obedient, respect follow you and even your seniors respect you (again, this is not the only way to measure obedience). If you are disobedient, there are rewards for that too, punishments. From there we can easily conclude that you must have been indiscipline. This hinders you from achieving your goals, you must have been impatience somewhere during the process.

Two, humility. This involves the true definition of being patient. When you want something, you always have bend low and be down to earth and just wish for the best. You become the most humble person on earth for you know that some good rewards are coming. Remember an instance when you want to propose to that one lady in your life you love, you go down on your one knee, just which could make her say that three letter word, yes. You have to show her that you are disciplined so that she can believe in you and count you a serious man.

I have always been living by the saying, ‘’patience pays.’’ The payment here is my goal getting achieved. Because I know my goals will be paid, am patient. That is the same thing that you have to do to your goals to achieve them as the end result. You need to work hard and at the same time apply time factor, do each action at the only stipulated time it is to be done. Do not jump some steps, because at one point in the process, you might need to go back to the previous procedure, what if it is not there because you jumped? That is when you say ‘’…I wish I knew…’’

Simon Ouma.



Telling your story to uplift others!!!


How often have you ever told your stories to other people who needed to hear them the most for one reason or another, do you remember an occasion in your life where you managed to do something because someone uplifted you emotionally and motivated you when you were almost giving up, or just that he was experienced and you needed a start up? Well that is what we are going to talk about today.

But first, let’s look at the process of motivation in brief. In psychology, it is called conditioning and to be specific, it’s called vicarious conditioning. I bet you have always experienced this a lot but you might just have no idea it’s what you are experiencing. To make it sink faster, do you remember anytime you saw your friend falling down and hurt his leg and you also kind of imagined the pain he was feeling and could even feel it but you are not hurt? That condition is what we call vicarious conditioning. It is basically feeling the same experience -through imagination- that someone is going through, if it was something hurting, you can imagine the pain, saddening, you also be sad, happy, you also feel the joy. It is just an observational process of learning to respond in a particular way by watching others, who are called models. And that is why it is called vicarious conditioning because it involves learning by watching others acquire responses through classical or operant conditioning and through it, you are able to learn various attitudes, feelings, beliefs and emotions, not through direct exposure to a stimulus, but through observing how others have gone through a whole experience. That was just a brief introduction of how the process of motivation comes about, I would not go deep into it, maybe if you want a full review, comment down below so that I can know and make it.

Anyway, back to our story, motivating someone is often not that easy as people might think it is, in fact, they do fail a lot because people usually start by giving a lengthy speech without minding about the specimen, the one getting motivation. But this rarely works because motivation has to start inside others, you have to accept yourself challenged and the person motivating must also accept to fully share their story with no bias at all. And according to me, the best way to motivate others is to start by listening to what they want to do or what happened to them. Find out what the person’s goals and dreams are since it would be better and easier if you were in the same school of thought together for something positive to come out. But always just for the benefit of the masses, never shy away from telling your story to people to. You never know how many people want and would make use of your piece of advice. It is also a chance to them since the they might have personally wanted to meet you but they don’t have that access to you.

Before you inspire others, you have to know the essence of your inspiration, what it will create to those you are trying to inspire. You first have to know if it hold any substance that can impact something positive to somebody else out there who is listening to you. To me, I think that we tell our stories to others to uplift them, to educate them, to warn them against something, to tell them real life stories that are full of truth and should also be justifiable among others. The person you are inspiring should be able to automatically see truth and sync it with his/her own wish experience. Do not just create own fictional and emotional stories because here, you are talking to at least mature people who knows how to make sense out of something and may judge your story to see if it hold any truth in it.

They say experience is the best teacher, in the world of today, there are those who have experience a lot and have been exposed to a lot and if you are that person, you are the one who should uplift others in any way applicable. You see, motivation does not entail talking only, it comes in many ways as long as it is associated with a positive reward after. Use whatever you have experienced as an example and have a teaching for them through making a very close and an open relationship with them so that they can learn your trust, not seeing you as just an impostor into their lives.

Again, on a personal level, at some point, your past experiences should also uplift you individually if you view them positively. Be someone who learns from the environment. Behavior is learned, view things positively and remember not to move too fast in making decisions because you might just be messing up. The world is full of good positive things, make use of them, be positive yourself since in mathematics, I was told that a plus, plus another plus, equals a plus (+) + (+) =+. The same theory would apply in real life.

Just to use myself as an example in relation to the writing world, when I was starting, it was not easy, a lot of people criticized me and even told me that i was wasting their time but i never gave up, the few people who kept commending are what became my strength and I’m now gaining recognition and people are liking my stories, just that brief today, moral of it being; nothing comes easy, even the things that people despise the most. I always try to make sense and respect people and things that I interact with and they teach me a lot. Up there, I just talked about vicarious conditioning and through the consequences of other people’s behavior, I learn something new from them. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are but at some point in your life, you always feel so low that you need someone to lift up. Age also doesn’t matter when it comes to motivation and inspiration, even a young kid can motivate you, I mean anyone can motivate you, even the most looked down upon can motivate you but, only depending on your perception.

I believe sharing is caring and I had to throw this here, so on this day, I am leaving the house heading to town to check up on something, I’m in the bus, then a man enters carrying a back pack but he is not sitting down and there were just empty seats there. Then I saw him opening his bag and I quickly concluded that he was a hawker and he wanted to start hawking. I really hated hawkers so, I put on the other earphone on my other ear and increased the volume to the max. That is how hard I hated hawkers. He removed one book from the bag and started talking, I never bothered to listen to what he was saying. The bus was also playing some music so not everyone could hear him but he was so determined. I could steal some glances at him I noticed that he was constantly looking at me while talking because I was the one not cooperating the most. I still did not remove my earphones. He picked another book from the bag and came straight to me and I heard him tell me ‘’… bro, I know you are enjoying your music and you won’t mind listening to me but please, just take this book and go through it quickly, you might learn something new today. Please.’’

I felt so shy so I removed my earphones and took the book and I remember the first thing I saw was the tittle of the book, wow! It just caught my attention and it read, ‘’You Are Not Too Far From The Finish Line.’’ What a title of a book! So I decided to give the book a little more attention and turned to the back to read about the author of the book and the first thing I see is the photo of the author and he is exactly the same person giving me this book to go through. Digging further to read through his profile, he is a graduate from the renowned University of Nairobi with Degree in Agricultural Biotechnology and this is the interesting part, he achieved this while serving his conviction in prison, he was serving his jail term and at the same time, schooling!!!! Wow!!! That was a blow to me. Clearly, that man definitely have experienced a lot than I have and he is so humble with his life, not that he has made it but he is now trying to recollect his life in another way since he was given another chance to live and the world actually welcomed him into the free wold from prison, he was a completely changed man and meant only good to this world.

So in brief, he was basically talking to people about his past experiences and telling us that life has another chance and that we should not just give up because of what we are going through, we won’t go through them forever, we will progress if we are humble and putting in more work. And that was not his only book, he have authored other books too which are really doing well. I know you might not see the essence of this story but let me just tell you. you should not and never look down upon someone because you never know what made them the way they are, you don’t know why or even what they are going through. You are but may not be the best. Respect others. Tomorrow might just be their day and you have no idea how they will treat you.

In summary, everybody successful we see out here did not achieve them overnight, they started somewhere and gradually, they reached where they are today. I think in our today’s generation, we don’t see the need for patience and working hard to achieve success but we just wish to achieve them instantly as soon as possible so that we can be on the same level with those successful people we see and admire. We are even willing to engage into anything that puts us close to wealth even if it’s risking your life, all you think about is wealth. This will never work and even if it works for you it will not last longer unless luck was on your side. Plus, do not depend on motivation only such that the only thing you are looking for is motivation but still sit there doing nothing, you will just be the same person you were before. If you have always experienced something and banked some good experience with it, please, do remember to share your story, it might be helpful to someone out there, show them the way and how it should be done, it uplifts them somehow and to the person being motivated, always remember that failing to try is trying to fail. Get out of the comfort zone.

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As always, God bless you.

Simon Ouma

Before you judge someone inefficient, how about you?



The term Inefficient is usually sweet to mention, when you think at the back of your mind that you are so perfect and that the world will one day not catch up with you. All you can do is always be on the front to critic anything and perhaps anybody who messes around and feel it’s okay and that they just deserve all the words that describe incompetence in this world.

Lets make it so simple and to what you are well conversant with the most, the government. How many times have you loudly and hardly criticized your government or even your leaders when they fail to accomplish a mission or just a situation that they ought to  have accomplished? I mean its part of your day-to-day life and its normal.
I don’t mean that its bad to do so but its helps keep the government on toes so as to fulfill the citizens’ needs and what they promised to do when we give them power. So that whole incompetency situation is actually the ideal definition of insufficient.

Now, let’s make it a bit personal so that yo can be able to feel the full ideal of incompetence. So, the other day, I wrote a post tagged; Are you moving too fast! and I hope that you click on that link and read about it if you didn’t. In that post, I described how you admire the already established success of this earth and you instantly want to achieve them without considering to work hard so that you can feel the weight of what it means to be successful but instead, you choose to move too fast and follow the available shortcuts to make it fast in life. You don’t want to toil for yo think that you don’t deserve

toiling at all.

The matter of inefficiency therefore comes in this manner, assume you followed some crooked means to make it in the life and you are now wealthy as you actually expected but, you are not able to manage your funds well so that you sustain your ”elite” status so that even your coming few generations could feel traces that ones we used to be wealthy. not even you first-born kid will as well enjoy them, but all you do is vividly waste them in some situations that are not clearly accountable  and all your wealth keep diminishing so first so that people around you are even surprised at the way that you are spending them. You practice ideal flamboyance with the ideal flamboyants. The point is, you never felt the pain of getting richer though hard work so in return, you just waste the resources anyhow, you become a ”lifist”. That is a true definition of inefficiency. You are incompetent to be rich.

The same way that you were very busy commenting on how the government is inefficient is the same way that people around you are also going to comment about your inefficiency. Until this point, you now begin to realize that those in government and you termed them inefficient, sometimes it not because they like it that way that they are termed inefficient. There are actually so many factors that lead to the inefficiency, maybe just to mention but a few; lack of experience in handling some matters, a lot of pressure from different bodies, both internal and external, sometimes, they have just found a comfort zone and its time for them practice all those monkey tricks that they have always wished to practice. The same thing is what happens to you, you become inefficient in this situation because you also want practice all those tricks and pleasures you have been watching on movies and some reality TV shows.

But, inefficiency is not linked to inability to manage wealth alone, any activity that you always try to engage to but you can’t just understand its basics despite how many tries, you just fail terribly, you might be considered inefficient.
When you try so hard to commit yourself to a condition but you keep failing to meet those promises always, just consider yourself inefficient , maybe you have to try so hard not to be a deal breaker, you might just come back to the right path and be efficient enough. Always consider yourself confident but not overconfident because you are likely to sway away as you will be trying too hard to mean what you had set in place, just have some pace, efficiency will follow one day.
As always, God bless you.
Simon Ouma